Terms of Sale
Terms of Sale – Credit Card, we accept all major credit cards and Pay Pal.
We do not ship C. O. D.

Shipping – Ladder orders ship for free. Small parts under $100 carry a flat rate shipping charge of $7.50 unless bought in conjunction with a larger purchase. Dock or Seawall boarding steps ship for subsidized freight, (check the individual product.) Everyone seems to want “free freight”, but nothing is free. Internet sellers add fixed charges to cost. A ladder to California might cost the seller $20 shipping while one to Michigan is only $10, so the seller adds $15 to the price and hope it all rounds out. It’s not quite so simple with truck freight. Instead of a $5-$10 discrepancy, the difference in a truck freight shipment might be $200.

Sales Tax – We are an Indiana and Michigan company and all in-state sales, MI or IN, will be subject to the appropriate sales tax. Out of state sales are free of Indiana or Michigan state tax. When you check out with an out of state shipping address you will not see any sales tax. This is something you might pay attention to with some of our large competitors. Companies with locations in multiple states must collect sales tax. If you buy a product from a North Carolina company and you live in Illinois, where they have a subsidiary, you will pay Illinois sales tax.

Damage in Shipment – Please inspect all packages when they are delivered. A box with a dented corner may not necessarily have damaged contents but must be reported to Fed Ex at time of delivery. Refuse any packages that are obviously damaged to the point that contents may be missing.
Returns - Returns to: 21315 Buckingham Rd Elkhart, In 46516 - Google our location, it’s a real building with our name on it.
If something is defective, damaged or not as described, we pay the return shipping. If you change your mind, you pay the shipping. Returns are not a problem and credit card will be credited within a week (often the same day) of receipt of undamaged new merchandise.

Warranty – Contact us about warranty before returning items. E-mail works best. We usually won’t ask for the defective part back if we can determine its defective from a photo. We usually will send a replacement or part the same day you send a photo.
We warranty our pontoon and dock ladders for five years.
We wrestled with what the warranty should be. We’re going to handle any problems, directly without some middleman so there was discussion about a lifetime warranty. We have literally sold tens of thousands of ladders in thirty years and have replaced no more than a handful. Ninety percent of which were customer abuse. (kids using the top or second rung as a diving board). But in five years you’ll probably forget where you bought it and if nothing goes wrong in five years, it will probably last a lifetime. If another company is advertising a longer warranty, tell us and we'll match it, but when you start with a strong quality ladder there isn’t much that can go wrong.

Canadian and foreign sales– We cannot ship outside of the continental USA. We get calls from our Canadian neighbors who love our prices, but we are just not set up to handle the paperwork and additional shipping costs, to send products to Canada or elsewhere outside the continental USA.