Ladder Parts and Accessories
ladder attachment kit   keyhole pontoon ladder mounts
L.A.K. (stainless) $8.50
For use with J hook style ladders.
2-stainless footman loops, 4
stainless bolts with stainless
washers and lock nuts.
Includes aluminum backer plate
useful on aluminum decks or docks.
  Keyhole Mounts $8.50
For use with aluminum and
 plastic folding pontoon ladder.
Cut 1” diameter hole in pontoon
deck for the mounting cups.
One set of mounting hardware or cups comes with each new ladder.
Extra hardware kits are so easy to mount, most boats should have them at both side gates.  
Stainless Steel J Hooks  Plastic storage clips 
Stainless J Hooks $8.50 a pair
Our J hooks are almost indestructible,
yet we sometimes get calls for replacements.
One ladder builder uses aluminum which can bend or break.
Sold as a pair.
Please note: You may need to drill new holes
in the ladder to match our J hooks.

Storage Clips (plastic) $6.50 a pair
Clip and stow your aluminum and
plastic folding ladder against a pontoon boat rail.
Set of two clips with stainless screws.

replacement aluminum dock steps 
Dock & Pontoon Ladder STEPS $9.50
Our standard step is 16” x 5”.
Replacement steps are sold as parts items,
you may need to re-drill to fit an old ladder.  

Heavy Duty Mount for OUR dock ladders
There are installations where mounting the footman loops may present a problem or in commercial applications where you want a stronger mount. Our optional heavy duty dock ladder mounting bracket can be used instead of footman loops. Galvanized steel with heavy steel welded pins will provide years of use. Camps, commercial docks, etc. will benefit from the stronger mounting bracket. Low profile with rounded design, helps prevent damage to bare feet. In some applications, it’s easier to mount the heavy duty bracket than footman loops, where you can’t reach beneath to tighten nuts on bolts. The heavy duty mount is ideal for aluminum docks to help spread the load.
Heavy Duty Dock Ladder Mount
Hardware for wooden dock (8- 1 3/4” heavy duty self tapping screws)
or Aluminum-Plastic dock (8- 1/12” stainless bolts, nuts and washers)
is INCLUDED with the Heavy Duty Ladder Mount.
Special installations may require additional hardware.
Our heavy duty Dock Ladder Mount is designed for our brand of ladders. But, other brands may fit. Measure the width of your ladder and compare to the mounting measurement shown above.
When purchasing our new dock ladder you will be offered the heavy duty mount at a discounted price.
Parts orders under $100 carry a flat rate $7.50 shipping charge.
Some parts when purchased with a ladder are offered at a discount with free shipping.