Dock Ladders that Lift out of the water
4 Step extends 48" from the dock down $165 (RDL-4)
ISDL-4 Step 48" - $165
dock ladder

  • Retractable Ladder stows above the water line
    Helps prevent algae build up.
  • Satin finished anodized aluminum
    No black marks on hands or clothes.
  • Plastic coated aircraft cable
    Prevents losing the bottom of your ladder at the bottom of the lake.
  • 1 1/2” round tube aluminum
    The strongest ladder available.
  • Extends 48” or 72" below the dock
    Easy for even adults to climb in and out.
  • Steps are 17” wide x 2” deep
    Step width is the same as a typical extension ladder.
  • Embossed nonskid aluminum
    Provides traction without hurting your feet.
  • Bolts directly to your dock
    Quick Release mounting kit available.
  • Guaranteed for swimmers up to #500
  • Ladder locks into place with L Brackets
The E-Z release kit allows you to
remove your straight dock ladder
by just pulling two pins.
Sold elsewhere for $39.95
we discounted it to $19.95
 when bought with a new ladder.

quick release dock ladder mount
E-Z release kit  - $19.95
When purchased with ladder.
Select it as an option
from the drop down menu.
Here's How it Works
The dock ladder raises/lowers through the use of coated cables, attached to the frame and steps. The steps lock into aluminum lips on the two rungs of the handrail frame. Each step has a lip so that the ladder can be lowered into the water to varying depths, up to 48”. Locked into place the steps can support the heaviest swimmer. To raise the bottom steps out of the water, pull on the cables and the bottom frame lifts up and is secured by a corresponding lip on the handrail frame.

Heavy Duty 4 Step Flip Up Dock Ladder
$209 with Free Shipping
  • Satin finished anodized aluminum
    No black marks on hands or cloths from untreated aluminum
  • 1 3/4” and 2" Heavy Duty round aluminum frame
    Heavy duty, twice the strength of ordinary 1" ladders.
  • Extends deeper below the deck than ordinary ladders
    Extends 51”  from deck to bottom
  • Steps are Big-Wide 4” x 19” embossed non-skid aluminum.
    Steps are welded to the frame for heavy duty use.
  • Easy assembly
    Bolt the top handrails into the one piece welded bottom frame.
  • Rated for up to 500 lb.
    The steps won’t bend even under the heaviest swimmer.
  • Mounts to the dock or Swim Float through holes in the flip mount
    We supply both screws and bolts with every ladder.
  • No sharp edges, safe for bare feet.
    Opening on the steps are sealed with plastic plugs.
4 Step Straight Dock Ladder Heavy Duty 4 step dock ladder
  $209 with Free Shipping Heavy Duty Flip up mount allows for the ladder to be flipped up out of the water in seconds. Includes quick release pin to lock the ladder in either the up or down position. Flip up plate bolts to dock with 5/16” stainless bolts (included). Some dock configurations may require special mounting hardware.